OFDA T-Shirts

OFDA’s  T-SHIRTS + Special Offer on Extra Small Shirts

Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Colours: Red, Black, Heather Purple, Sapphire (blue) and Irish Green
Price : $15 for single shirt
See below for special pricing on extra small shirts.
$25 for 2 shirts, or email ontariofolkdancers@gmail.com about other volume discounts.
Shirts will be available at OFDA events and at selected folk dance classes.

OFDA has decided to give you a special offer for buying size Small Ladies t-shirts for either yourself or as a gift to your family members or young friends.

The cost of the size Small Ladies t-shirts is now only $10 per shirt. Note: these shirts fit extra small and are suitable for tiny adults, teens and children. When you purchase a size Small Lady’s shirt, your name will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a full year offree OFDA Cafes (which is equivalent to four free events).

You will be able to purchase the shirts at dance groups and at upcoming OFDA cafes & events. You can also email OFDA ontariofolkdancers@gmail.com if you have questions about when and where the shirts are available.

The draw will take place at or close to the New Year’s Eve party.


Show us your shirts.  Visit our T-Shirt photos on Flickr to see where our shirts have been. Hover over thumbnails to view captions.  Captions can also be seen beneath the full size photos after you click on them.  Send us your photos.

Places so far:  Spain April 2017.  Check back for new additions.