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OFDA gap_2015_geenheadpastel_sml Saturday March 24, 2018
6 – 10 p.m.

Dance Café with Karen Bennett

The Best of Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2017 
including dances from Georgia, Spain, Bulgaria and Taiwan.

Spend a social evening at the OFDA Café.   Enjoy International Dancing and a Potluck Supper
(bring your favourite recipe with enough for at least 8 servings).

See Flyer.

The year 2017 marked the 70th anniversary of Stockton Folk Dance Camp in California.    To help attend this event, long-time international folk dance teacher Karen Bennett was awarded a scholarship from the Ontario Folk Dance  Association, and her promise in return included teaching Stockton’s best dances at a café. The choice of “best” proved very hard, as the teachers were outstanding: Roberto Bagnoli for International dances, Caspar Bik for Georgian, France Bourque-Moreau for International, Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu for Romanian, Bruce Hamilton for English, Radboud Koop for Russian, and Tony Parkes for American squares and contras. And many special guests were invited for one-off workshops, such as Yves Moreau for Bulgarian, Ada Dziewanowska for Polish, Johnny Pappas for Greek, Susan Lind-Sinanian for Armenian and Marilyn (Wathen) Smith for French.

Somehow, Karen winnowed down the camp dances to five or so that (a) she adores and (b) are unlikely to already feature in the repertoires of southern Ontario International groups. The dances are from countries that tend to be neglected—such as Georgia, Spain and Taiwan—but one dance will be Bulgarian (a gorgeous new one from Yves Moreau) and one will be French.
(The stuff Karen had to leave out! Albanian by way of the Albanian minority in Italy! Lebanese! Greek!). Mixers, circle dances and line dances will be represented—many done to mind-melting vocals. (Note: The Spanish dance is not flamenco but a Sardana circle dance that’s still a living tradition, in particular Catalonia.)

Over the years that Karen has been attending Stockton camp, she has brought back a lot of dances that have proved to be “keepers,” and at this café, attendees are bound to discover even more.

Dancing will start at 6 p.m. Potluck Supper at 6:30 p.m
Location will be at:  Kimbourne Park United Church,
200 Wolverleigh Blvd.
East York, near Danforth Ave. and Coxwell Ave.


                                    SPECIAL NOTES FOR THIS LOCATION:
                                   * the space is a nut-free zone, due to the child care program that runs during the week                                                                                          
                                   * to protect the floor, please wear soft, non-marking shoes such as dance shoes/runners                                                                                      
                                   * please don’t park on the church property, as the few spaces there are rented out                                                                                                 

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 Please note that the OFDA has given permission to several photographers to record activities at our events and the images may appear on the OFDA website.


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