This archive covers OFDA events up to 2007.  More recent photos can be found on our main photo page .

 OFDA Picnic 2007
Photos by Leon Balaban

Dancing in the Park Summer 2007 Toronto
Photos by Bev Sidney

Ontario Folk Dance Camp 2007
Photos by Bev Sidney

AGM 2007, Smorg Cafe .Photos by Leon Balaban and Bev Sidney.
May 5, 2007.

Croatian Workshop in Hamilton with Zeljko Jergan . Photos by Leon Balaban.
April 27, 2007

Cecille’s 90th Birthday Party at Earl Bales, organized by Sandy Starkman. Photos by Bev Sidney
April 21, 2007

Leadership Workshop #3 with Dale Hyde. Photos by Leon Balaban and Bev Sidney.
March 25, 2007.

Israeli Classics night at the BJCC. Photos by Leon Balaban
March 18, 2007

British Isles Cafe with Dale Hyde.Photos by Leon Balaban and Bev Sidney.
March 17, 2007

Latin Cafe with Paula Videla-Rodriguez.
January 27, 2007

OFDA Israeli DanceCafe with Dina Roginsky, Teme Kernerman, Helen Winkler,
Live music by Leon Balaban. Photos by Leon Balaban and Bev Sidney.
December 2, 2006.  

 Hamilton Serbian dance workshop with Miroslav Marcetic,
Photos by Leon Balaban.
November 10, 2006

Dancing in the Park,  Winston Churchill Park, Toronto, by Leon Balaban
August 2006

OFDA Picnic at Earle Bales Park. Watch Video.
June 24, 2006

English Country Dance with Karen Millyard and Cathy Campbell
June 17, 2006

Watch Video  from Hamilton International Folk Dance Club workshop with Maureen O’Leary (Mulvey),
March 26, 2006 and read review  by L Balaban

Greek Workshop with Joe Graziosi.
May 16, 2006

Ontario Folk Dance Camp with Tom Bozigian and Karin Gottier
May 2006

AGM and Dance Smorgasbord Photos.
May 6, 2006

Leadership Workshop with Sandy Starkman, Helen Winkler, Walter Zagorski photos
February 25, 2006

Research Cafe with Judith Cohen and Helen Winkler photos. Review by Leon Balaban.
March 18, 2006