Videos for Fun and Interest

Lucy Worsley’s Dancing Cheek to Cheek–An entertaining and informative documentary series regarding the history of dance in Britain.  Covers many genres ranging from Playford to the Charlston with interesting side trips in between.  Google the title to find the video online.  It is often available to view on Youtube, but the url changes from time to time.

Traditional Bulgarian dance “rachenica” in street puppet performance

Igor Moiseyev Ensemble perform Ukrainian Dance

Kitty Cohen Gets Her Dream Dance at the age of 103!

Adapted Dances  Folk Dances and newly created dances adapted for people with intellectual disabilities

Flashmob, International dance day 2011, Princeton folk dancers:

Esmeralda Enrique Flash Mob, Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014

Esmeralda Enrique Flash Mob, at TIFF, Toronto 2016

Jitterbug with Band Odessa

Kitty Cohen Dancing in Negril at the age of 99!

Mask Dance of the Ivory Coast
Amazing Footwork

Toronto Multicultural Calendar
Free and Nearly Free Multicultural Events in the GTA

Dancing on the Planet
Matt Harding traveled through many nations on Earth, planned on dancing, and filmed the result.

Global Shim Sham tribute to Frankie Manning on his 95th birthday

Watch Boogie Woogie Champs

Hand Dancing

Lord of the Dance
Sexual Selection–The dance moves that make men attractive to women (an article about the animal kingdom)

Pictures and video by Leon Balaban
from Slavka Kalcheva Bulgarian concert and dance

IRISH Taffic lights

Dancing Chimps

Shrewsbury Folk Festival Dancing
silly but funny

T-mobile dance & the Making of the “T-Mobile Dance”

Salsa dance video

Tractor Square dance video

Line Dancing Russian Style

Igor Moiseyev State Academic Ensemble of Popular Dance

Igor Moiseyev Folk Ballet rehearsals

Online Dance Resource Links

Folkdance Footnotes
Very detailed and comprehensive folk dance resource site

Society of Folk Dance Historians
Resource site dedicated to the history and practice of international folk dancing.

Ontario Traditional Music Library
A web site full of songs and music, including dance tunes, history, traditions, social movements and more.

Belly Dancing with Iana
Includes Turkish Roma, Persian and other belly dance specialities–classes, workshops, performances
online classes , and instructional videos also available

Smithsonian Folkwways
Folk Music, Pdf Liner notes, Frequent free  downloads

Canadian Society For Traditional Music
Online journal and more.

National Folk Organization
Folk dance resource site.

Stockton Folk Dance Camp syllabi
From 1948 to the present–amazing collection

Helen’s Yiddish Dance Page
Dances of the Jews of Eastern Europe

Adapted Dances Web site
Videos and discussion of dance adaptation for intellectual disabilities.
Balkan Dance Resources

Around the World in 20 dances
Pictorial Folk Dance review
Video, mp3’s and instructions for numerous dances

Ethnic Dance Resources

Turkish Oriental Instructional DVD From IAMED

Folk dances adapted to special needs of fragile elderly.

Leon Balaban’s Folk Dance Photos

Toronto Dance Web Site
Lists events and information about dance in Toronto

Muzsa Office
European organizer of cultural festivals.

Interesting Articles

NY Times article about Polka Dancing in the USA.
In between songs by famous local Czech-American bandleaders like Al Grebnick and Ernie Kucera, Mr. Vyhlidal makes room for callers and their family news: deaths, births, deployments, knee replacements….Courtesy of Judith Cohen.

Walk, Stretch or Dance? Dancing May Be Best for the Brain