As of March 20, 2024...

Long-time folk dancer and OFDA member, Florence Shulman, died March 5th at the age of 93. She danced for many years at Sandy Starkman’s classes.

Pauline Hill died early in March at the age of 94. She was very active through the years, and helped with the magazine production in 1972. A faithful OFDA member, she began dancing at the University Settlement House and was a member of its performance group. Most recently she danced with Olga Sandoloowich.

Chris Linge Macdonald and Walter Zagorski appeared in Chelsea Moor Castle (or, The Contract to Marry) presented by the North Toronto Players in March. It was a musical comedy in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan. The production was well-received by the audience.zx

As of February 1, 2024...

Thanks to web designer Noemi Adorjan for her kind assistance in creating The OFDA Times page! In the absence of our long-running magazine, we hope that The OFDA Times webpage will fill the void, to some degree. Thanks, as well, for the proofreading services of Blima Dreeser, Rachel Gottesman and Kalina Serlin.

Toronto folk dancer, Cornelia Nita, migrated to Canada some years ago from Romania. Late in November/23 she returned to be closer to her sister, and hopes to find dancing once she settles in.

Travelling: in early December Murray & Lavinia Forbes set off to the Red Sea Coast of Egypt to attend a (Greek) workshop given by Kyriakos Mosidis. Riki and Stav Adivi went to Israel after hosting the ofda New Year’s Party at their home.

Fifty happy dancers welcomed 2024 at the home of Riki and Stav Adivi. Riki presented an enjoyable program, Walter Zagorski did the countdown to midnight and the rest was up to those present. Thanks to the hosts for a memorable evening.

Toronto dancer Rachel Gottesman who had hip replacement surgery in early December, followed by revision surgery in late January, is doing well but won’t be seen on the dance floor for a while.

Rita Winkler posing with her Muse Award!

The following report is from Helen Winkler, whose brother-in-law entered Rita’s museum exhibit and her website into a awards competition… ”The Muse Award is a globally renowned competition, celebrated for its recognition of outstanding achievements in creative design, advertising, and digital media. Drawing in over 100,000 entries annually, the awards are a testament to the pinnacle of creative excellence across various categories.  was entered in the category of website design, with a particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion.  In addition, Rita’s June 2022 exhibit at the Lake of the Woods Museum and Douglas Family Art Centre @themusekenora located in Kenora, Ontario, Canada, was also entered in the exhibition category. We won silver in both categories! Visit @themusekenora to see the unboxing of their award.  Thank you to all who have supported Rita’s art journey and who have worked so hard in these endeavours!”

Helen’s celebratory video can be seen here.


Thank you to Karen Teasdale for a most generous donation to OFDA!