Hamilton International Folk Dance Club
Celebrates 40th Anniversary
by Anita Millman

On January 26, 2024 Hamilton International Folk Dance Club (HIFDC) celebrated its 40th anniversary.

More than 50 participants enjoyed the Macedonian dance workshop presented by Vlasto Petkovski. Other than the regular Friday night dancers, the group was joined by former members and dancers from London, Toronto, Oakville and Dundas.

A delicious anniversary cake was enjoyed after HIFDC’s “choir” presented its traditional anniversary song. Lots of different appetizers made sure the group was ready for the dance review of Vlasto’s 6 beautiful Macedonian dances.

It was good to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones who commemorated this special event.

Pictures were displayed of various members (former and current) which gave us a chance to reminisce about the good times we have had together.

HIFDC continues to enjoy dancing together, celebrating Good Friday Hikes and various other special gatherings.